Hollingsworth Cousins Circa 1895

Hollingsworth CousinsThis is another photo found in the home of my great aunt, Cecil G Hollingsworth Cook.  On the back is written: “Cecile, Blanche, Lulu, Zelah.”  I believe these children are (L to R); Lula Hollingsworth (seated at left) 1889-1960; Zella Hollingsworth Giles (standing behind Lula) 1888-?; Cecil Hollingsworth Cook (seated in middle) 1890-1977; and Blanche Hollingsworth Hull (seated at right) 1884-1969.

Lula and Cecil were sisters of my grandfather, Victor Earl Hollingsworth 1892-1971, and I have seen many pictures of them.  They are daughters of William Harvey (AKA Harvey W) 1864-1950 and Katherine Emma Doyle Hollingsworth 1870-1939.  I am less sure about the identification of the other two – I could have them reversed.  Blanche Hollingsworth Hull and Zella Hollingsworth Giles were daughters of Joseph Meeks Hollingsworth, the only brother of William Harve.  He was born in 1857 and died in 1928.  He is buried in the Onarga, Illinois cemetery.  He was married at least twice but no wife is buried there with him.  I believe that Blanche Hollingsworth Hull’s mother was  Maud C Dayton Hollingsworth 1864-1884.  She is buried in Gilman, Illinois.  From census records it appears that the mother of Zella Hollingsworth Giles was named Margaret and the family lived in Chicago.

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